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book2010.05.26 23:04

  1. We must respect the will of the individual.
  2. Take it easy. I can assure you that everything will turn out fine.
  3. Let go of your negative outlook on life. Always maintain a positive attitude.
  4. You should be fair to everyone regardless of national origin, gender, or creed.
  5. Equality is guaranteed by the Constitution.
  6. He leaned against the pillar and gazed at the Statue of Liberty.
  7. A woman passed by me giving off a subtle scent of perfume. It reminded me of my ex-girlfriend.
  8. "Natto" smells awful but tastes terrific.
  9. "I'm soaked with sweat." "Stand back! You stink. Take a shower."
  10. Bob was so beside himself that he could scarcely tell fact from fiction.
  11. His new novel, which combines prose with his gift for poetry, is going to be published.
  12. An up-to-date edition of the encyclopedia will come out next month.
  13. Ms. Yamada translated the fascinating fairy tale into plain Japanese.
  14. The following passage is quoted from a well-known fable.
  15. "Are you familiar with contemporary literature?" "I know next to nothing about it."
  16. At times I confuse "curve" with "carve".
  17. Don't be shy. Your pronunciation is more or less correct.
  18. This article contains tips for those who are eager to increase their vocabulary.
  19. His latest works are on display at the city hall. They are fabulous beyond description.
  20. "Could you move over a little?" "Oh, sorry. I didn't realize I was taking up so much space."
  21. "What's this ugly object?" "This is piece of abstract art!"
  22. I begged Richie to lend me a hundred buck, but he shook his head, saying, "I'm broke, too."
  23. "I'm apt to buy things on impulse whenever something is on sale." "So am I."
  24. As it is, ordinary people cannot afford to purchase such luxuries.
  25. As we anticipated, the unemployment rate has risen three quarters in a row.
  26. I have to cut down on my expense, so from now on, I'm going to keep track of them on a daily basis.
  27. In any case, the union has to compromise to a certain extent.
  28. Competent mechanics are in great demand, so they earn decent wages.
  29. The president announced a concrete plan to carry out welfare reform.
  30. His policy will no doubt lead to dismal consequences. It needs a thorough review.
  31. It goes without saying that the aging of society is inevitable.
  32. Please take a look at this chart. It indicates that juvenile delinquency is on the increase at an alarming rate.
  33. In many business districts, there are a lot of vacant lots which have been for sale for years.
  34. The population density in the metropolis is gradually decreasing.
  35. In all likelihood, the birthrate will continue to decline steadily for years to come.
  36. The power plant supplies the remote county with electricity.
  37. You are not allowed to operate this device without permission.
  38. In fact, the inhabitants have been exposed to radiation.
  39. One cannot emphasize too much the potential danger of nuclear energy.
  40. For years the press overlooked the problem. But now, if anything, they are making too much of it.
  41. As well as cultivating grain, the farmer runs a grocery store.
  42. The research institute was established in the late 1960s.
  43. Why don't you consult Starr in person? He's by far the most prominent attorney around here.
  44. I'll write it down just in case, because I have a bad memory.
  45. The lawyer recommended that his client take legal action against the insurance company.
  46. They are entitled to be compensated for their injuries.
  47. So far, no less than 200 people have died of the flu epidemic.
  48. The effect of those pills is intense but brief.
  49. He has a habit of biting his nails. It's absolutely disgusting.
  50. My grandma strained her back when she bent down to hug my son.

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book2009.04.06 21:37
영어는 시간과의 싸움이라는것을 머리로는 이해하고 있으면서도 어떻게하면 조금이라도 편한길이 없을까하고 자꾸 한눈을 팔게되고 이런책을 사보게 된다.
결과적으로 시간을 절약할 수 있다면 나쁘진 않지만, 영어공부의 팁에관한 책이기에 굳이 책을 사지 않고 서점에서 볼껄하는 약간의 후회가 든다.

・非常に多くのアメリカ人が「Full Metal Jacket」のような感じで話している
・「ESL podcast」ー http://www.eslpod.com

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LifeHack2009.03.27 20:25


오오오~~~~ 이런 어플이 무료라니..

지금까지 윈도우에서는 PDIC라는 사전프로그램을 사용했었는데 Kingsoft사전은 훨씬 기능이 훌륭하다.

Google Toolbar에서 제공하는 마우스오버보다 지원하는 단어수도 훨씬 많고 오프라인에서도 사용가능하다고 하니 윈도우에서는 앞으로 이것만 사용하게 될듯하다.

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